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Propensity to pay tribute to Edhi by means of donating sacrificial hides!

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KARACHI: Roads of the Metropolis turns red during the three days of Eid-ul-Azha each year. Over a million animals are slaughtered here during this period of time by the karachiites.

What happens to the hides of these animals? Well these are collected by some 300 political parties, NGOs etc. They sell the hides to the wholesalers, who supply them to leather industry after curing the raw skin.

Through the billion rupees generated through sales of collected hides many political, religious parties and NGOs manage to realize their projects. 

NewsPaksitan.TV team conducted a survey to learn about the propensity of the populace. Question was ‘which political party/NGO you plan to give the hide of your sacrificial animal this year?

Asif Umar who works for a textile factory in Korangi as an accountant said that he was so touched by the services of the late Abdul Sattar Edhi that he and his family would give the hides to Edhi Foundation; Similarly a housewife Rabia Noorani who lives in the Phase VI of DHA said that previously she used to donate the hide to the first collector who approached her but this year she has made up her mind to  give them to Edhi; Sikandar Shah who runs a poultry farm in the outskirts of the city too was of the opinion that donating the skin of sacrificial animal was the best way to pay tribute to the services of Edhi.

A large number of people who were approached by the NewsPaksitan.TV said that this year they would donate the hide to Edhi as a symbol of reverence to the departed philanthropist. 


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