PSX: Bulls seen raging all over the bourse!

KARACHI: Benchmark KSE-100 Index closed in the green (42,786) with an augmentation of 697 points today.

Rs. 14b worth of 385.5m shares changed hands today. Value of the shares of 247 companies augmented 73 plummeted while 18 remained stagnant.

According to PSX sources, the transport sector led the trading with 82.84m shares. The top five traders of the shares today were: Pakistan Intl. Bulk Terminal Ltd.(R), 39.7m shares traded (+141.51pc); Pak International Airline Corp Ltd., 23.9m shares (+16.69pc); WorldCall Telecom Ltd., 20.0m shares traded (+9.50pc); Pakistan Intl. Bulk Terminal Ltd., 18.7m shares traded (+8.54pc); K-Electric Ltd., 14.7m shares (+1.62pc).