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PTI to stage sit-in against Sindh LG law

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HYDERABAD: PTI leader Haleem Adil Sheikh has announced staging a protest sit-in outside Bilawal House and CM House.

While terming Sindh Local Government Bill-2021 as unconstitutional the Leader of the Opposition in Sindh Assembly, pointed out that the law was in violation of Articles 7, 8, 17, 32 and 140-A of constitution and against fundamental rights of citizens of Sindh.

Addressing the rallies organized by PTI against the law, Haleem Adil said Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf will not accept the anti people legislation at any cost.

Haleem Adil said newly approved LG law was aimed at introducing “Sardari and Zardari System” in Sindh as after enactment of this law only those people could have to be elected as Mayor’s or Chairmen of the councils or committees who had money in their pocket.

The bill not only usurped the authority of LG bodies regarding health, education, issuance of various certificates, control of lands owned by municipal bodies, removal of encroachments and other fundamental functions but also introduced dubious amendments opening avenues for selection of unelected person as mayor or chairman, Haleem Adil Sheikh said.

He said the amendment will also enable a person who could not win even a union council to become mayor or chairman, adding that it was introduced to make a way for rejected people because PPP was aware that people are going to reject them in upcoming elections.

Sindh Govt has passed this law without following parliamentary norms as bill was passed unlawfully, Haleem Adil said and added that all powers of the local government institutions had been taken back while minister local government was empowered to look after all affairs of the local bodies.

Haleem Adil Sheikh said PPP had introduced “Sardari” and “Zadari” system in Sindh where only those people could be elected as Mayor and the Chairman who would pay money for the slot.

He said PTI along with people of Sindh would not allow PPP led government to promulgate unconstitutional law and it would be resisted at legal as well political forums.

He said protest rallies will be organized in other cities of Sindh against anti people law and government would be compelled to take this illegal law back.

Haleem Adil Sheikh also led rallies in Hyderabad, Thatta, Gharo and Kotri to mobilize the general public for raising voice against “Zardari System” being introduced by Murad Ali Shah Government.

Thousands of PTI workers participated in rallies by holding banners and placards in their hands inscribed slogans against SLG Bill.

They also chanted slogans “Na Khapy Na Khapy Zardari Nizam Na Khapy”. PTI leaders Q Hakim, Khanwand Bakhsh Jahejo, MNA Jay Parkash, Aminullah Mosa Khel and other leaders also addressed the rally outside Hyderabad press club. | YouTube Channel

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