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Putin hails military might on WWII Victory Day

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MOSCOW: President Vladimir Putin vowed to ensure Russia’s military strength as the country on Thursday marked World War II Victory Day, an event that has become increasingly important over his two-decade rule.
The president’s speech to thousands of soldiers and veterans on Red Square came at the start of an annual parade that sees hundreds of pieces of military hardware roll through the streets of Moscow.
“The lessons of the past war are relevant once again. We have done and will do all that is necessary to guarantee the high capabilities of our armed forces,” he said.
Those in the modern Russian army remember the “oath” of Soviet soldiers who fought Nazi Germany, he added: “I die but I will not surrender”.
Putin asked the crowd to observe a minute’s silence as the Kremlin clock chimed under grey skies.  Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, 88, and Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, who has been a vocal supporter of Putin, were at the commemoration along with Russian dignitaries.
The two-day public holiday to celebrate the 1945 victory comes amid heightened tensions with the West and fears of a new Russia-US arms race.
Parades and celebrations took place in towns and cities across Russia, from the European exclave of Kaliningrad to the Far Eastern Sakhalin Island, near Japan.



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