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Quit smoking by using a mobile phone app!

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LONDON: Experts here have devised a novel way to give up smoking. They have designed a Smartphone app that could facilitate smokers wishing to quit this habit.

Cigbreak Free is the game that was developed by the academics from Kingston University (KU) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) in the joint venture.

According to the details, it works just like a usual Smartphone game, in which the players will have to complete the tasks and levels so as to earn rewards.

Author Hope Caton from the KU held that the said gaming app could be played anywhere. In the game, the players have to run off with a specific amount of cigarettes to split them within a given time limit.

The app also consists of a quit journal where users can determine how much money they are saving. In addition, there are also mini-games where players have to clear smolder from a room to expose a health note.

The study here has observed the use of behavior change modus operandi and elements related to games in the current health apps on the market.

They came across very few games that provide its users with constructive health benefits.

Elaborating on the research, Professor Robert Walton from QMUL noted that a few of the health messages and behavior change techniques in the game are based on their former studies.

This incorporates demonstrating users the health outcomes of behavior, grabbing points by taking healthy stuff or giving virtual monetary motivation.