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Ramazan moon sighted, 1st roza on Thursday!




KARACHI: According to an official announcement made today by the head of Ruet-e-Hilal Committee Mufti Muneeb-ur-Rehman, Ramazan moon has been sighted and month of fasting will commence from tomorrow (17th  of May, 2018). 

Throughout Ramazan, people love to consume deep-fried food-items as those are hard to resist while fasting.

People gulp down beaucoup amount of ghee, oil or butter while consuming these goodies.

 But is it healthy?

Ghee is believed to be a healthy preference (as compared to other options) as it consists of healthy flab that provides innumerable health boons and some of those are:

  • It upholds vascular health due to some properties that help shield the arteries from stiffing. Hardening of arteries arises when fat, cholesterol, and other kinds of stuff upsurge in the walls of arteries.
  • Habitual ingestion of ghee been associated with reduce levels of bad cholesterol and enhance levels of good cholesterol.
  • Also, those people who are allergen of dairy products could swallow ghee as it is lactose as well as casein-free at the same time.
  • Ghee is loaded with butyric acid, a short-chain fatty acid, which perks-up the health of the intestinal lining and has the potential to lessen the symptoms of inflammatory bowel disease.
  • It improves digestion and keep individuals off from constipation.
  • Not to mention that it helps in shedding extra body mass as the sort of saturated fat located in it could flush out the obstinate fat from the body.
  • It is also significant so as to enhance beauty (healthy hair and skin) and eyesight. Not only this but it also reinforces immunity and bones.

It is worth mentioning here that ghee is believed to be healthy. Nevertheless, too much of everything would be detrimental



Therefore, taking ghee in moderate quantity would be fine!

 Karachiites are crazy when it comes to consuming spicy street food particularly during the month of Ramazan.

You can find the carts of such items at almost every hook and nook of this Megapolis.

Not to mention that Eid-ul-Fitr is almost there and it is hard to resist when you go shopping.

But what experts have discovered must be bad news for street food junkies! They warn against imbibing those as these could mount gastrointestinal infections.

A number of items are made up of potatoes and if they place on the carts for too long, they might go off.  However, the oily snacks could cause gastric chaos if left open for a longer period.

Ferment food items like Chana chaat can be destroyed by fungi. Almost all of such items are prepared in an open milieu. And due to the pollution, the food might get contaminated with various detrimental bacteria and if this is the case of coli form bacteria then you might be in trouble because of the graver odds of developing acute diarrhea sickness.

Also, the water used in golgappas could make you sick to the stomach and you might come up

In cholera and typhoid.

The bottom line: Experts suggest that there is nothing wrong in ingesting such street foods but those should be consumed in moderate amount.

Also, not to eat anything excessively particularly during the month of Ramazan.

Our bodies already get dehydrated because of fasting and if you come out with diarrhea, then the situation would go downhill! As the temperature is soaring these days here in this Megapolis, Karachiites are finding it difficult to cope with the depressing state of affairs, particularly in the month of Ramadan.

Apart from severe weather, there are massive concerns such as water and power scarcity throughout the place that used to be called City of Lights.

In addition, now it seems as if we all have to live with such never-ending issues.

Due to severe weather, the odds are high to come up with dehydration. That in turn, triggers acute sickness particularly heat stroke, urinary and kidney chaos, cerebral edema (swelling of

brain), seizures, low blood volume shock (hypovolemic shock) etc.

Therefore, so as to deal with this dilemma, one must be careful pertaining to their health and some symptoms of dehydration.

Keeping this in view, here is equipping its viewers with a list of warning signs of this adverse sickness.

For adults, one should watch out for the signs that incorporate extreme thirst, dark and less frequent urine, light-headedness, exhaustion, headaches, excessive parched mouth, lips and eyes.

Whereas, for little ones, individuals must seek professional advice at once if they notice sunken eyes and cheeks, tearless weeping, swift breathing, dry mouth and tongue, sleepiness and urine troubles.

Is it avertable?

Yes, it certainly is. Connoisseurs reiterate that by imitating the following guidelines people can keep themselves off from this lethal disorder:

  • First thing first, consume lots of fluids, such as water (12 glasses), ORS and coconut water;
  • Mind you! Avoid sugary or fizzy beverages;
  • Prefer imbibing fruits and vegetables over meat;
  • Avoid taking caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea or some other drinks;
  • Do not roam around at the peak hours of sunshine (between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.);
  • Put on loose-fit andlawn clothes.

However, if it is left unnoticed, one would need proper medical attention or else the situation would go downhill!

The month of Ramadan has just begun but the weather is getting wild here in this Megapolis.

Not to mention that karachiites need to deal with the water scarcity and outage stuff throughout this month of blessings.

We can see that the promises of our politicians regarding electricity or water concerns are only meant for media consumption!

So as to deal with this sweltering weather – particularly while fasting – people tend to stay and rest in the AC rooms.

However, do you know this might make you sick to your stomach?

Innumerable folks often complain of being light-headed or that their bodies have started aching all over due to AC.

It is basically AC. If you expose to the AC for too long in one long stretch, you might feel under the weather.

What to do to cope with this dilemma?

Due to the scorching weather, countless people are coming up heat rash and different sorts of skin allergies as well.

Doctors advise such patients to remain in the AC in order to soothe their pain and irritation.

First thing first, individuals make sure that they set their ACs on light to moderate cooling.

In addition, when they need to exit from their chilled cars or rooms, they must switch off the AC and wait for a while. One should not leave the place immediately so that the temperature gets normal.

Whereas, so as to avoid the harmful impacts of hot weather, one must carry parasols (umbrella that protects from UV rays) while roaming around.

It is pertinent to mention here that due to fasting, people cannot drink water, which in turn, makes them dehydrated that could put them in the hospitals.

Keeping this in the view, connoisseurs reiterate that they must consume fluids such as coconut water, ORS, and other fresh juices as much as they can and avoid soft drinks and sodas at Iftaar and Sehri.

Opt for veggies instead of meat particularly redone.

It goes sans saying that people prefer to ingest fry items as those are hard to resist especially in Ramadan. Therefore, instead of frying stuff, they could consume baked ones.

Avoid eating leftovers.


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Chaman: 800 patients treated gratis



QUETTA: Local administration & Health Dept. have set up a day-long free medical camp here at Tuba Achakzai Dobandi, Killa Abdulla District today. 

Some 800 women, children, and men also received free medicines in the camp that was held on special directive of CM Balochistan Mir Jam Kamal and Health Minister Naseebullah Marri. Deputy Commissioner Chaman Shafqat Shahwani visited the camp and also monitored facilities of the free medical camp and inquire after the patients.
Local people including tribal leader and patients appreciated the health department on arranging free medical camp for needy patients and hoped that free services of treatments would be continued in other respective areas of the province by Health sector for the betterment of common people’s health.

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Big achievement in Robotic Surgery workshop



KARACHI: A successful robotic surgical procedure was performed for the first time in Pakistan on a female patient hailing from Baluchistan carried out with the removing of her uterus on the concluding day of international multi-disciplinary “robotic surgery” workshop here today. 
She had intractable bleeding acquiring multiple transfusion. The procedure called “hysterectomy in medical parlance was performed at, a 55-year-old lady patient. The patient will be discharged after 24 hours. The benefit of this new type of surgery Robotic surgeons team comprising Prof.Shamim Khan of King’s College London and Dr.Kankipati Shanti Raju from Guys and St Thomas Hospitals London performed the procedure along with a team of highly trained support staff. The robotic technique used during surgery was the first of its kind in the country.
Medical experts have described the successful procedure as a major breakthrough in the field of robotic surgery in Pakistan particularly in the field of gynecology. They said this success will open new vistas of robotic surgery in the country. SIUT had arranged here three-day international workshop discussing the impact and benefit of robotic surgery in the field of urology, general surgery, and gynecology. The three fields were exclusively discussed during the workshop in which live surgery was also conducted for three days and live telecast from OT Complex, Civil Hospital Karachi. The workshop was participated by a team of visiting surgeons from Britain along with surgeons from SIUT and Civil Hospital Karachi.
Surgeons during the workshop also discussed the initial high cost this state of art surgery but were of the opinion that keeping in view parameters of less pain, less loss of blood and a faster recovery as  compared to traditional surgery which became cost effective in long run underscores the need for greater use of robotic surgery in the highly selected centers in Pakistan shared amongst several specialties.

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International Pharmaceutical symposium to be held on Jan 30



FAISALABAD: Government College University Faisalabad (GCUF) will organize one-day 2nd International Symposium on Pharmaceutical Sciences here on January 30.

A spokesman of university told APP here Saturday that GCUF Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Nasir Amin will grace the occasion as chief guest whereas foreigner speaker Associate Prof Dr. Pharkphoom Panichayupakaranant Director Phytomedicine & Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Excellence Center Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Prince of Songkla University of Thailand will deliver keynote lecture, he added.



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