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Religious minorities, Women feeling unsafe in India due to Modi’s policies: Mushaal Mullick

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ISLAMABAD: Mushaal Hussein Mullick, social activist and wife of jailed Kashmiri leader Yasin Malik Friday said that attitude of the Indian government was not only dangerous for religious minorities but for all the women living in India due to the high risk of sexual violence and regressive traditions.

In an interview, she said, repeated instances of brutal and horrific sexual crimes in India have often grabbed global headlines over the past several years, adding, thousands of incidents were never registered and do not get into the crime records.

While condemning the incident of 19-year-old victim from the Dalit community, she said in India the cast system is strong and urged to Dalit community should their self raise voices against Indian’s brutally and discrimination attitude.

She said Narendra Modi government is only adopting discriminatory attitude towards all the minorities and only promoting Hindutva mindset.

She said regretted that the Kashmiris Hurriyet leadership is in Indian jails and young Kashmiris are being arrested and tortured by Indian forces.

It is matter of grave concerns for international community that India is openly violating international and humanitarian norms not only in Kashmir but in Indian state too, she added.

She explained that after Modi came into power, Hindutva mindset is promoted which is not only threat for minorities but low-caste Hindus as well.

The minorities will be united again against this activity, she said, adding, the policies of Narendra Modi will be dangerous for India itself.

Indian government’s policy in occupied Kashmir was in line with the “ideology” of the Hindu nationalist Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) party, she said, adding, RSS ideology is the biggest threat to Muslims and other minorities in India.

She also lamented India “illegally” freezing Amnesty International’s bank accounts and called on the UN and rights groups to denounce the action.

She said Indian has been targeting the role of Amnesty International and harassing them as they openly reporting against human rights violation in Kashmir.