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Research on Shahbaz Qalandar

HYDERABAD: The scholars, researchers, intellectuals and academicians of Sindh have emphasized the need for comprehensive research on the personality of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, the great Sufi saint of the subcontinent, keeping in view the various aspects of his biography.

In the “Shahbaz Literary Conference” organized by Sindh Culture department and the District Administration on the occasion of 770th annual Urs of Hazrat Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, researchers called for the use of modern tools for conducting research on the personality of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar so that authentic information about his life can be collected.

Addressing the conference, Dr. Anwar Figar Hakro said that all the researchers presented excellent papers which are commendable.

The history of Sehwan city is oldest and it should be examined for further research as the work that should have been done in this regard has not been done yet, Dr Hakro said.

He said that the researchers had proved that this area was very ancient, like geography, the spiritual connections were also ancient, therefore Culture department should assist the researchers for conducting research over it.

We find the basis of Sufism in Sindh while the preaching of monotheism also started from this soil, he said and added that nothing can be said with certainty about Vedas due to lack of historical links.

He said that it was a matter of pride that the spiritual origins started from Sindh and we need to do research on Sufi saints before or after emergence of Islam and their spiritual practices.

Eminent writer Taj Joyo in his paper said that there were two Qalandars in Sindh, one Abu Ali Sindhi and the other Lal Shahbaz Qalandar.

Lakki Shah Sadar, Jalaluddin Rumi and others are the great saints who were contemporaries of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar, he said, adding that it was a great blessing for the world to have so many great Sufi saints at the same time.

He rejected the notion of Shahbaz Qalandar’s short stay in Sindh and said that his stay in Sindh could be judged by the number of visitors therefore a comprehensive study on his personality is needed.

Professor Sher Mehrani of Karachi University said that the political, social and economic situation of Sindh was not better during the time of Qalandar Lal Shahbaz.

According to a research, Shahbaz Qalandar came to Sindh at the age of 90 after performing Hajj and traveling to other countries and since then he is known as Shahbaz of Sindhri, said Mehrani.

Akhtar Dargahi said in his paper that Shahbaz Qalandar was a resistant Sufi who lost himself in the colors of nature by making fun of his personality.

Dr. Ramzan Bamri in his speech said that the poetry of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar is the word of unity and spirituality in which true love is found.

“We must follow his message and further strengthen the atmosphere of peace,” he emphasized.

He said that Lal Qalandar’s “Dhammal” is the name of spiritual condition.

Presenting her paper im the Literary Conference, Dr. Sakina Samo said that Sehwan Sharif had been the seat of rulers for many periods and the visit of Lal Shahbaz Qalandar here was no less than a blessing.

Khair Mohammad Buriro said that Shahbaz Qalandar was a Sufi saint who preached the unity of God and this is evident in his poetry.

Dr. Makhmour Bukhari in his speech said that research should be done on the personality of Lal Shahbaz,keeping in view of different angles of his life so that he could be easily understood.

We have historical evidence that Lal Shahbaz belonged to Marwand, a region of Azerbaijan, so research on his personality should be done from this basic point, Bukhari said.

Nazir Hayat Sewahani in his speech said that Lal Qalandar was a poet but effective research is needed to reach his “Qalandar Nama”.

After the Shahbaz Literary Conference, famous singers Ustad Fateh Ali Khan, Ustad Amir Ali Khan, Javed Abbasi, Shahina Ali, Tufail Sanjarani, Taj Mastani and others performed in the music concert.

On this occasion Chairman Shahbaz Mela Committee/Deputy Commissioner Capt (R) Fariduddin Mustafa, SSP Javed Ahmed Baloch, Naseer Marz and other personalities from different walks of life and a large number of visitors were present.

Memorable shields were presented to Dr. Anwar Figar Hakro, Dr. Ramzan Bamri, Dr. Sakina Samo, Nazir Mallah, Agha Zafar, A B Lashari and Alamgir Ranjhani at the Shahbaz Literary Conference. | YouTube Channel

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