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Research says much trumpeted gender equality is a fallacy!


NEW YORK: It goes without saying that women are considered less commanding and authoritative in innumerable societies, particularly in Pakistan.

They barely take decisions of their own even if it is related to the biggest ritual of taking the plunge.

Due to this, they go through countless vicissitudes throughout their life.

Harboring on the subject, pundits here have asserted that power disparities among heterosexual relationships are prevalent.

However, juvenile dames with less authority are more prone to become distressed as compared to young males.

The research, conducted by the academics of Buffalo University here, counters misconception of the existence of gender equality across the globe.

Experts believe that apart from believing the popular notion of gender egalitarianism, we have to observe relationships and experiences personally and keenly.

When men are subordinate in a relationship, it does not bother them extremely as they are still mitigated by a broader structure of male dominant society.

On the other hand, young women with less power in a relationship have been reported with deprived confidence and strength.

P.S. Incalculable cases of child and forced marriages have been reported on a daily basis. Newspapers are flooded with such occurrences but the predicament is that we are incapable of sorting such matters out. Regrettably we are part of the society where women are believed to be the machine of just bearing child, look after their family and fulfill the commands of their hubby darling. They cannot even imagine living their life according to their wants as this is considered the biggest peccadillo.  If they somehow manage to accomplish their wishes, the society will not accept it and that is the story of the so-called independent women of this civilization!



M M Alam

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