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Roads: Estimated and completion costs

ISLAMABAD: Roads Projects will be investigated by a sub-committee of the Senate Standing Committee on Communications.

According to details the difference between estimated cost and completion cost of the completed/ongoing projects worth more than Rs 1 Billion (increased cost projects) during the period from June 2008 to June 2021 would be probed.

The meeting was held under the convenership of Senator Saifullah Abro here at the Parliament House on Thursday.

The meeting was attended by Kamil Ali Agha along with the senior officials of the Ministry of Communications and National Highways Authority (NHA).

At the outset of the meeting, the NHA officials presented a report of over 30,000 pages along with a briefing on projects completed at an increased cost.

The convener committee pointed out that in the report of 30,000 pages, the main receipt of PC-1 was missing.

He expressed his desire to present the report in a tabulated form, which would bring clarity to the report.

The convener committee also pointed out that the report was not according to the Proforma prepared by Senator Kamil Ali Agha and the sequence was also not followed.

He said that there was some wisdom according to which the sequence had been made in the proforma which should be diligently followed.

The committee also directed the ministry to depute a technical expert in order to evaluate the report.

Earlier, in the meeting, discussion on the approach road of Larkana-Khairpur Bridge Project on Larkana side, PC-1 was also held.

The committee was informed of the reasons for the cost overrun. The committee was also apprised that originally bridge was designed and tendered for 2 lanes with 22 spans for discharge of 8 lac Cusec of water which was changed to two lanes with 26 spans for discharge of 12 lac Cusec of water.

Also, a revised Hydraulic Model Study which was conducted in 2010 recommended river training works due to super flood.

The committee was also informed that one of the reasons for the cost overrun was due to release of insufficient funds vis-a-vis the Financial Phasing of the Project in PC-1 and delay approval of revised PC-1.

The committee was informed that due to enhancement of cost the PC-1 was revised from Rs 9,225.339 million to Rs 13,397 million, presented before ECNEC and was approved on 22-04-2016. The project has been completed within the cost of approved PC-1.

The revised cost design has been regularized after approval of PC-1 by the ECNEC. | YouTube Channel

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