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Royal Palm Golf Club: NAB gets GHQ nod to file reference against 3 ex-generals

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LAHORE: GHQ has given green signal to NAB facilitating it to file reference in Ehtesab Court against ten individuals including three ex-generals and a brigadier in Rs.  10 billion Royal Palm Golf and Country Club (RPGCC) scandal.

Meanwhile, the Railway has sealed Club due to nonpayment of dues worth Rs. 1.5 billion. However,  Khawaja Saad Rafique said that the members have paid hundreds of thousands of rupees and the club could be reopened after Eid-ul-Fitr. He said that the property could also be handed over to a third party.

The employees of RPGCC protested against the closure. Though they were controlled and pacified by police on the first day of closure, the next day they attacked a lorry and looted loafs of bread and bottles of juices from it.

According to details provided by sources 141 acres of Railways land was leased out to Messrs. Maxcorp Husnain Pvt. Ltd. in a non-transparent manner to develop a Rs. 50 billion private establishment to be called Royal Palm Golf and Country Club in Lahore.

This is reckoned to be the biggest scandal after National Logistic Cell (NLC) case in which three retired generals were penalized for their involvement in corruption.

Those who are to face the Ehtesab Court include ex-Chairman Pakistan Railways (PR) retd. Lt. Gen.  Javed Ashraf Qazi , Ex-Chairman PR  retd. Lt Gen.  Saeed-uz-Zafar , GM PR retd. Maj Gen. Hamid Hassan Butt and ex-director retd. Brig Akhtar Ali Baig, ex-GM Iqbal Samad Khan, ex.Member (Fin.) Khursheed Ahmed Khan, Ex. DS Abdul Ghaffar, ex-DD Marketing Waseem Aslam, ex-Director Marketing Khalid Naqi.