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Russian drone attack kills four in Kyiv

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KYIV: According to authorities 4 people were killed and several were wounded in a Russian drone attack here on Wednesday (22 Jan, 2023).

The emergency services initially said three people had been killed in the strike south of the capital Kyiv but police later announced another victim.

“The fourth victim was a 40-year-old driver. The man did not go down to the shelter during the air raid alerts,” said Andrii Nebytov, the head of the Kyiv region police.

An ambulance driver called to the scene was among those killed, the office of Ukraine’s prosecutor general said.

The strike hit a high school about 80 kilometres (50 miles) south of Kyiv, said the emergency services, which published images of badly damaged buildings.

The attack “partially destroyed” two floors of two student residences and a building that is used for studying, the same source said.

A fire affecting more than 300 square meters (3,200 square feet) of the school was extinguished shortly before 7 a.m. local time, according to the emergency services.
Ukraine’s air force said Russia attacked Ukraine with 21 drones, with 16 shot down.


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