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Scourge of corruption tarnishes beauty of society: NAB

QUETTA: The scourge of corruption has tarnished the natural beauty of society; its various forms have blocked the path to merit, justice and durable development.

The women are the basic unit of the society which has a key role in the betterment of the society. By engaging the female students, good results can be achieved against corruption and other social evils.
These views were expressed by Director NAB Balochistan Muhammad Rafique Memon, Vice Chancellor Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University’s Prof. Dr. Naheed Haq, Faculty Member SBK Women University Professor Dr Shumaila and other speakers while addressing a seminar titled “ Role of students in eradication of corruption” organized by NAB at SBK University here.
Teachers, Faculty Members and a large number of university students were present on the occasion.
Director NAB Balochistan Muhammad Rafique Memon while addressing the audience as a chief guest said that women are the basic unit of the society and termed female students as the future of Pakistan.
He said that 52 percent of the population of the country consists of women and therefore their role in the betterment of the society is of utmost importance.
He said that every role of women as mother, sister, daughter and wife is very beautiful and valuable which can clearly be watched in the life of the Holy Prophet (SAAW).
He further said that National Accountability Bureau under the leadership of its Chairman NAB Justice Javed Iqbal has been pursuing a zero tolerance policy against corruption which has yieldedpositive results.
He urged the students to come forward and join the NAB’s anti-corruption awareness campaign. He further added that the students NAB campaign will give impetus to the ongoing fight against corruption of the National Accountability Bureau.
Vice Chancellor Sardar Bahadur Khan Women’s University Prof. Dr. Naheed Haq termed students, especially female students, as the driving force of change in the society and said that there is a need to prepare this class studying in educational institutions in the fight against the scourge of corruption.
“To eradicate corruption, we must have loyalty, integrity and righteousness in our students,” she said adding that the students much be loyal towards their career/ future. They must carve their own ways, as per merit, through hard work and righteousness.
Professor Dr Shumaila, Faculty Member SBK, on the occasion said that in order to bring the change, to bring the merit forward, to get what you deserve, to get equal opportunities, to get a corruption free Pakistan opportunities we need to be just loyal, and fair in our capacities, whether they are education, family, career or anything.
Earlier, Director NAB Balochistan Mohammad Rafique Memon highlighted the laws, performance and achievements of the NA. | YouTube Channel

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