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Seminar on ‘DNA analysis in crime detection’ held

FAISALABAD: The Department of Forensic Medicine, Medical & Dental College, organised a seminar on ‘DNA analysis in crime detection’, here on Friday (26th of May, 2023).

Director General Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) Prof Dr Ashraf Tahir was the chief guest at the event.

He presented very interesting case studies which provided valuable insight into the practical applications of DNA analysis and its profound impact on forensic investigations.

These real-life examples illustrated how the DNA evidence had been instrumental in solving intricate cases nationally and internationally by PFSA.

“The DNA analysis is a game-changer in crime detection and gives crucial links,” Dr Ashraf Tahir added.

Principal UMDC Prof Dr Aamir Ali Chaudhry in his address appreciated the valuable services of PFSA under the supervision of Prof Dr Ashraf Tahir. A large number of students of UMDC also attended the informative session.

The Department of Forensic Medicine also organised a poster competition on the occasion to provide MBBS students a platform to show and polish their skills of creativity and presentation.

Prof Dr Ashraf Tahir along with others visited and evaluated the students’ efforts and awarded trophies among the position holders.

Dr Nasir Siddiq from PFSA, Zahida Maqbool, Additional Registrar, Prof Dr Faqir Muhammad Anjum, Prof Dr Haji Muhammad Aslam, Prof Dr Shirza Nadeem, Prof Dr Saeed Akbar Tariq, Dr Mubin Inam Pal, and Prof Dr Khurram Suhail Raja were present.