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Sindhi Cultural Day on 5th Dec

KARACHI: Sindhi Cultural Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm all over Sindh on 5th day of December. 

Sindhi Cultural Day, also known as Aekta jo Dihaarro & Sindhi Taupi Ajrak Day, is observed all over the world highlighting centuries old-rich culture of Sindh.

The day is celebrated all over Sindh and amongst the Sindhi community around the world on the first Sunday of December.

Almost all nationalists, political parties, PTI, PPP, PML(Q), PML(N), social and other organizations on the day took out rallies. Wearing Sindhi cap and Ajrak marchers danced at Sindhi tunes.

People exchanged Sindhi caps and Ajraks. Students of various colleges and schools took out large rallies.

Unprecedented sales of Sindhi cap was witnessed in Larkana and Kambar-Shahdadkot after 5th December, 2021 was declared as Sindhi cultural day.

Women who participated in the celebrations were of the view that the Culture Day was a good step to promote handicrafts like Ajrak and Sussi.

Several social, political groups and civil society members celebrated Cultural Sindhi Topi & Ajrak Day, organized rallies, seminars, gatherings, dance events on folk songs and traditional songs. | YouTube Channel