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Singer Salman Ahmad arrested in Islamabad, manages to escape

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ISLAMABAD: Police on Friday arrested veteran singer Salman Ahmad outside Imran Khan’s residence Bani Gala.

However, he managed to escape as the door of the van carrying him remained open.

According to details, the Junoon singer was arrested in front of PTI Chairman Imran Khan as he was trying to enter Bani Gala to meet the PTI leadership, ahead of their protest against PML-N that is to take place on 2 November.


He tweeted an old picture of him with Khan and Sheikh Rasheed on his way to the PTI chief’s house saying, “Getting ready for Jazbaa Junoon!” before making his way to the PTI chief’s house.

Speaking to media upon his arrest, Ahmad said, “We haven’t broken any laws and if they are treating someone like me this way then how will they treat the normal citizens.”

Meanwhile, Actor Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he will also make his way to Bani Gala to participate in the protest.

“I know that the police will also arrest me, but I will reach Bani Gala tomorrow,” the actor said in an interview.

He said that names of PTI supporters in the entertainment industry have been listed by the police and they will be arrested if they are part of the protest.

In another Facebook post, he also said: “As a PAKISTANI i will be a part of 2nd November Movement even if it means an end to my media career and my fan base.”