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Smart lockdown leads to outstanding COVID-19 recoveries: President

ISLAMABAD: President Dr Arif Alvi Saturday said that, a huge difference in approaches, especially the government’s smart lockdown strategy has led to outstanding recovery of COVID-19 patients in Pakistan.

“Credit to pro-poor & intelligent government decisions and the people of Pakistan for mostly following directions & SOPs,” the president on his twitter account posted while also appreciating the nation’s recent approach to the pandemic.

The president tagged a latest study graph showing comparison of active coronavirus cases in Pakistan and India.

“This graph is very interesting as it shows cases per million on Friday. We must take care on Eid ul Azha to finally continue on this track. So remember the SOPs. Ensure social distancing, wear face masks, and wash your hands. You have shown what a disciplined nation can do,” the president further observed and advised the nation to keep following the precautionary measures.

According to the graph, on Friday, India had 50,000 new cases & Pakistan had only 1,487. new cases per/mln of population India had 36 per million & Pakistan had 6.79 per million.

The difference was because of Pakistan government’s smart lockdown which saw sharp decline in coronavirus cases. | YouTube Channel

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