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Football for Goals

Some Goals are more important than others

KARACHI (UN): 50 members – including confederations, associations, leagues, clubs, and fan groups – have joined #FootballForTheGoals to help support the #GlobalGoals and a better future for all.

Football for the Goals is a United Nations initiative that provides a platform for the global football community to engage with and advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

It is an opportunity to build on football’s powerful and influential reach and to work together to become agents of change by aligning messaging, strategies and operations with the aspirations of the SDGs.

This initiative will inspire and guide the world of football – from confederations, national associations, leagues and clubs, to players’ associations, organized fan groups, as well as media and commercial partners – to build on existing sustainability approaches and to implement SDG strategies that lead to behavioural change.

Members may not only aspire to develop sustainable practices, but may also act as champions of the SDGs during the Decade of Action (2020-2030).

Members will use their visibility and outreach power via tournaments, players, corporate brand exposure, media and fan communities to raise the profile of the SDGs through amplification and advocacy.

They will inspire action by demonstrating how these sustainable practices can be mainstreamed through any business model, including sport. | YouTube Channel

Dr. Iffet Sultana

Prof. Dr. Iffet Sultana PhD (Education), IQRA University, M.Phil. (Environmental Education) IQRA University, Master’s in Educational Administration & Management (University of Karachi). Dr. Iffet Sultana has been associated with IQRA University as an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Management Sciences, Department of Business Administration since 2013. Her PhD Thesis is on “Girls’ Access & Equity in Primary Education in the Slum Areas of Karachi”. In the past, she has worked for the Ministry of Environment, Government of Pakistan. She has presented numerous research papers in National and International Conferences. Her areas of special interest are Girls’ Education, Inclusive Education, Environmental Education and Gender Studies. She has been actively teaching and stimulating student’s interest in Social Science and Developmental Sciences Subjects including Education, Sociology, Psychology & other Contemporary Subjects. Dr. Sultana is also associated with various NGOs in the capacity of Consultant. Writes for News as Contributing Editor (particularly focusing on the UN International Days.)