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Speakers for coordinated efforts to expose Indian nefarious designs

ISLAMABAD: Speakers at a webinar highlighted the importance of coordinated efforts to expose nefarious designs of fascist Indian government regarding Kashmir, urging Kashmiri and Pakistani diaspora living abroad to integrate their efforts for highlighting Kashmir issue.
The webinar was addressed by prominent Kashmir leader and Executive Member, Organisation of Kashmir Coalition, Barrister Abdul Majeed Tramboo, Chairman of Jammu and Kashmri (J&K), Shabbir Ahmad Dar, Chairman J&K Youth Social Forum, Omar Adil Dar, Research Scholar, Danis Ali, Human Rights Activist, Asif Dar, Academician Misbah Hussain Rizvi, Kashmiri activist, Shaista Safi and humarn rights activists Zeeshan and Iman Haider.
The Webinar titled “The Indian machinations in IIOJK and the way forward” was organized by the management of monthly magazine, Kashmir Update (an initiative of Kashmiri displace journalists), and was moderated by senior Kashmiri journalists, Nabi Baig and M. Ashraf Wani from Islamabad Pakistan.
The speakers expressed serious concern over the continued gross human rights violations and the violation of international laws by the Modi-led fascist Indian government in Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir and urged the United Nations and world human rights groups to take notice of the worst situation in the occupied territory.
The speakers reiterated to continue raising their voice for right to self-determination despite India’s cheap tactics against the resolution of the Kashmir dispute.
They while hailing the resistance of the people of IIOJK said that the Indian brutal acts including the attempts to change the demography of the territory were a serious challenge to Kashmiri people and the conscience of the world community.
They said that Kashmiris were raising voice for a true demand, which was promised by Indian leadership, adding that the United Nations resolutions should be implemented for peace and political and economy stability of the region.
The speakers said that people of Kashmir in IIOJK, the Kashmirs, who are on exile due to Indian state terrorism in different parts of world and the Kashmiris migrated to Azad Jammu and Kashmir were mentally disturbed due to the Indian hegemony and unresolved Kashmir dispute.
They urged the peace-loving powers of the world and the United Nations to intervene and resolve the lingering Kashmir dispute as per the UN resolutions and aspirations of the Kashmiri people.
The participants also condemned the continued illegal detention of resistance leaders. They expressed solidarity with the people of IIOJK and pledged to continue their freedom struggle politically and diplomatically at all levels and will expose the real face of India to the world.APP | YouTube Channel

Hissan Sheikh

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