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Shibli Faraz

Strong academia-industry linkages imperative for jobs creation: Shibli

ISLAMABAD: Federal Minister for Science and Technology, Shibli Faraz on Monday 26th of April emphasized the importance of creating strong linkages between the universities and industry to create job opportunities for the youth.
Talking to media after visiting National University of Science and Technology (NUST), the minister appreciated the global and national contribution of NUST and said the university was rendering valuable contribution in high education sector of the country, creating significant impact through prioritizing quality education.
He further said the universities were not supposed to only give degrees but also to impart skills, adding, “We have to see how much impact our universities are creating on the lives of the people”.
Shibli Faraz observed that the government’s job was not just to provide jobs but to create an enabling environment that provided employment opportunities for the people.
While, he said, the universities should also contribute to the development of the country and take steps for enhancing employability skills among youth.
To a question regarding availability and production of ventilators, the federal minister said they did not have sufficient oxygen and other necessary stock in our country for dealing with any emergency situation related to COVID-19.
He said Ministry of Science and Technology acted as facilitator and they did not have their own ventilators yet.
However, National Radio and Telecommunication Corporation (NRTC) and private firms were manufacturing ventilators in the country. There were 16 functions of ventilators but the ventilators being made at local level have only four functions, he said.
Responding to another question regarding activating Pakistan Steel Mills’ (PSM) Oxygen Plant, he said the ministry of industries and production was looking into the PSM Oxygen Plant and he had also spoken to the minister of industries and production in this regard.
However, he said that what he thought was that PSM Oxygen Plant might not be made operational in emergency due to some problem.
About supporting India during worsening COVID-19 situation, Shibli Faraz said “Pakistan will extend support to India as much it can. This is the issue of humanity and our sympathies are with India”. | YouTube Channel

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