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Supreme Court stops Bahria Town Karachi from sales of properties! (TEXT AND VIDEO)

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KARACHI: Supreme Court stops Bahria Town Karachi from sales of properties, SC has barred the Bahria Town Karachi from selling of residential/commercial plots and buildings.

Apex Court proclaiming the allotment and transfer of land illegal has ordered the probe into the illegal allotment of Malir Development Authority’s plots.  

According to details Malir Development Authority had sold/exchanged 11000 acres of land to Bahria Town. But it was not authorized to do so. The land was meant for development of Government Housing Schemes and not to be to be sold to some private developer.

Malir Development Authority not only sold the land at throwaway (2006) prices but in case of exchange of land gave the expensive pieces of terrain to Bahria Town against useless arid lands in far flung areas.

In order to provide benefit to one private  developer no bids were invited from other developers. This insinuates that big amount of money must have changed hands.

Following Apex Court’s decision the land does not belong to Bahria Town anymore and is again the property of the Government. And all the land given by Bahria in exchange has again became Bahria’s property. The amount paid by Bahria to buy the land shall be paid back to Bahria by the Government.

However, to protect the third-party interest Bahria Town has been given an option to procure the said 11,000 acres of land at the market rate and if it wants to exchange land then the land should be of equal value.

Meanwhile, the allottees have been instructed not to pay the remaining amounts to Bahria Town and instead deposit the same in an special NAB account.

The process will be monitored by an implementation bench constituted by the Supreme Court. It is pertinent to mention here that those found guilty of corruption during the NAB investigation would be put behind bars. Bahria Town had been paying a huge amount to Media in the form of advertisements.




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