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Swift justice to Sahiwal victims

ISLAMABAD: Leader of the House in Senate, Senator Shibli Faraz Tuesday said there was no second opinion over independent probe of Sahiwal killings and the government was committed to providing swift justice to the victims of the incident.
Speaking in Senate, he said independent trial was being held in this case. He said he himself had heard from the prime minister in various meetings that the government had no issue with an autonomous inquiry of incident to provide justice to the victims. “The entire house has no objection to the demand of Senator Javed Abbasi and Senator Raza Rabbani and their concerns will be addressed,” he maintained. Senator Javed Abbasi was of the view that the heirs of the deceased family had made only a single demand that investigation by JIT was not acceptable to them as it comprised members of the police department.
He said a judicial commission should be formed with the willingness of the government as family members reiterated before the Senate Standing Committee that police officials were harassing them and putting pressure on them. Senator Raza Rabbani said it was not possible that the colleagues of the Sahiwal murderers would do justice during the probe.  “The forensic laboratory is not given the evidence despite the lapse of many days whereas from somewhere some suicide jackets and a rocket had been recovered. The bullets required by the forensic lab were not being provided yet. This House should ensure the formation of a judicial commission in this matter to bring the culprits to justice and make them a lesson for others,” he added.


Hissan Sheikh

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