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Taliban, after taking half of Afghan provincial capitals, move towards Kabul

KABUL: While Taliban, who have taken half of Afghan provincial capitals, are just 50kms away from Kabul, ridiculously President Ashraf Ghani claims he is busy in consultations on ending the conflict. 

According to sources privy to NPTV US troops had commenced landing here from last night (13th of August, 2021) in order to facilitate evacuation of diplomats. It has further been informed that US troops will be able to airlift a considerable number of people par jour. It is pertinent to mention here that, while Kandahar and Herat fell into the hands of Taliban, the US has accelerated the moving  of 3,000 troops to Afghanistan and another 4,000 troops to the region in order to evacuate most of the American Embassy personnel and US citoyens here. European countries are also attempting to get their people out posthaste.

Biden has also ordered additional expedited flights out of the country for Afghans who have worked with the US, so that their applications for special immigrant visas could be evaluated by some 1,000 Army personnel (in Qatar). Commenting on the development,  admiral (R) John Francis Kirby (Press Secretary for the US Dept of Defense and Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs) told that two Marine infantry battalions and one Army battalion, would deploy in the next 48 hours to Hamid Karzai International Airport. The troops are coming from Middle East and the Central Command area of responsibility.

However, Pakistan, US, EU and China, have signed a joint statement saying they would not recognize any government in Afghanistan imposed via use of military force. Moreover, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken discussed plans to curb violence in Afghanistan with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg. While, besides US, a number of EU countries are either temporarily closing their diplomatic missions in Afghanistan or  evacuating non-essential staff, tens of thousands of civilians have fled the advance of Taliban. They are presently living in the streets of Kabul.

Interestingly, despite spending 3 trillion dollars in the region US failed to form an Army for the Afghan government. Those peasants who  were transformed into soldiers and policemen are  changing sides or deserting. As a result Biden administration has insinuated that Kabul government might collapse in September, 2021. Here it is relevant to quote the BBC’s N.American Editor Jon Sopel who has been reporting from Afghanistan since 2011: “Twenty years on and so many lives lost, and so many billions of dollars spent, what was it for? What’s been achieved? What do you say to the families of all those servicemen killed by the Taliban now that the US is giving up?”


M M Alam

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