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Technology affects toddlers’ dexterity to hold pencils: Study

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LONDON: Rapidly advancing technology – for instance Smartphones – has invaded all aspects of human life, including the edification.

It has been observed that not only youngsters but kids too tend to use such gadgets too often. A number of studies have previously demonstrated the non-constructive impacts of using the latest vitae on its users.

However, what a latest research has just discovered must be shocking for parents of little ones. Savants claim that this practice is hindering their growth and development in copious ways.

Excessive use of Smartphones and tabs could potentially prevent kids’ finger muscles from developing sufficiently, resulting into triggering problems when it comes to hold pencils and pens.

Unbelievable? Believe it!

While reiterating on this severe concern, the study author from the UK, Sally Payne held that little ones have been reported with having weak hands when they enter in their school life.

Also, they are having movement issues and unable to hold pencils with required strength and aptitude they had 10 years ago.

Health and wellness experts are of the view that instead of giving them iPads and other related stuff, parents should encourage them to play physical games such as building blocks, cutting and sticking objects etc.

Another academic Mellissa Prunty from the Brunel University London noted that apart from other skills, it also affects their handwriting.

It has further been learnt that owing to extreme use of technology, kids are facing problems in improving their handwriting.

Aiman Inam

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