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Eid: Tragedy of the deserted roads

ISLAMABAD: Like in all the major cities of Pakistan the roads of the Capital too are deserted since the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr (Sunday, 1st of May, 2022). 

In Pakistan for one reason or other, the government failed to spread industries and other means of employment all over the country. Hence people from smaller cities and villages descend to greener pastures to earn living.

Many ultimately manage to bring their families to the cities where a relatively better quality of education is available. But most of the workers go back to their native places to celebrate religious festivities particularly two Eids.

Eid Holidays

Unfortunately, due to this anomaly many complexities are created. For instance, people from less-developed areas throng to work at the cities harboring factories and particularly the Port City.

These people do not only increase the population in normal way. Unlike a newborn they attack the utilities, houses, transport, medical facilities etc etc making life more difficult for the citizens there.

Then since their roots happen to be somewhere they do not own the city and just live there to generate money and take the booty back home. Moreover, they are not counted in the cities where they work during census.

As a result when the cake is cut, the major share goes to their native places as technically they live there. This is one of the complaints of the citoyens who are rooted to the so-called industrial hubs and the Port City.

It is high time that, after more than seven decades of experimentation,  those at the helm of affairs attempt to make sure that employment opportunities are available all over the country.

This will allow those living in desert to stay put there and inhabitants of mountains will happily remain perched there. This will enable town planners better plan for the bigger cities.

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