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UN observes 9th Sept as Int’l Day to protect Ed. from Attack

KARACHI: UN General Assembly has created the International Day to Protect Education from Attack (9th of Sept.) maintaining  that governments have the crucial duty to shelter and ensure inclusive and equitable quality education at all levels to all learners, particularly those living in susceptible milieu.

The Resolution that was presented by the State of Qatar (& co-sponsored by 62 countries), was unanimously adopted by all members.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres, while commenting on the International Day to Protect Education from Attack , stated: “As the world fights to contain the COVID-19 pandemic, children and youth in conflict zones remain among the most vulnerable to its devastating impact.

“We must ensure our children have a safe and secure environment in which to learn the knowledge and skills they need for the future.”

It is pertinent to mention here that in the last five years:

1) Over 22,000 students, teachers, and academics were injured, killed, or harmed in attacks on education;

2) 93 countries experienced at least one reported attack on education;

3) Afghanistan, Cameroon, and Palestine top the list of countries where pupils and teachers were most frequently harmed by direct attacks;

4) Armed forces, other state actors, and militants used the batiments of schools and universities for military purposes in 34 countries as bases, detention centers, and weapons stores;

5) State armed forces or militants recruited pupils from schools in 17 countries.

The International Day to Protect Education from Attack further emphasizes the need to increase endeavors to augment the funding to promote safe and protective school environments in humanitarian emergencies by taking all possible steps in order to protect schools, instructors and students from attack, abstain from actions that obstruct children’s access to education, and make acquisition of education possible in armed conflict areas.

According to UN the UNESCO and UNICEF will facilitate the annual observance of the International Day to Protect Education Day in close collaboration with partners within and outside the UN system. | YouTube Channel


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