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Unsafe Drinking Water

Unsafe drinking water causes diseases

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ISLAMABAD: Around 99 percent of water supplied to the population is unsafe for human consumption due to which over 200,000 children under five die from water borne diseases.

In an interview, an official of the Ministry of Human Rights told that the government was committed to ensuring free education and healthcare facilities for the street children.

“As many as 50 children are receiving free medical facilities in child protection centre established by the ministry,” he added.

She said that the contaminated water was the basic reason for the 40 percent of all diseases prevailing among the masses.

“Earlier, approximately 30 babies have been reported dying daily due to water borne diseases including dysentery, cholera, giardiasis, and hepatitis A and E etc, but the situation has changed now,” the official said.

She also said the ministry was committed to protecting the child rights whereas it was also collaborating with UNICEF to control the mounting death ratio, adding that they have the target to achieve polio and measles free Pakistan.