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Urdu literature’s love among children

ISLAMABAD: Speakers at one-day national conference on Thursday underlined the need for inculcating the love and passion for Urdu literature among the children who can find the existing content as a treasure trove for improving the country’s intellectual milieu.

“The juvenile literature has immense importance and if we teach it to the today’s generation, it will produce good poets, writers and intellectuals for the country in future,” said National Language Promotion Department (NLPD) Director General Dr Rauf Parekh while addressing the Urdu Conference.

The conference titled “Seventy Five Years of Urdu Children’s Literature” was held here to commemorate the diamond jubilee of Urdu literature for children and highlight its importance in the contemporary times.

Dr Rauf said the NLPD would provide opportunities to children which would help them hone their Urdu writing skills and also give them chance to publish their writings at national fora.

Presiding over the conference, eminent writer of children’s literature Dr Iftikhar Khokhar said the history of Urdu literature could be traced back to the development of Urdu language in the Indian subcontinent where many renowned Urdu poets like Iqbal, Ghalib, Merathi wrote prose and poems for the pupils.

“The non-curricular or non-curricular literature created for children is actually a reflection of the national aspirations of how a nation wants to see its children in the future, what qualities they should have, what their moral character should be and who should be among them,” said renowned poet Ahmed Khatib, who also graced the Urdu Conference as chief guest. | YouTube Channel

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