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US business group condemns Trump family separation policy

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NEW YORK:  The Business Roundtable, which represents the biggest US companies, called on the Trump administration Tuesday to “immediately” end its immigration practice of separating children from parents.

“Business Roundtable urges the administration to end immediately the policy of separating accompanied minors from their parents,” said Chuck Robbins, who chairs the immigration committee for the group. “This practice is cruel and contrary to American values.” The roundtable also endorsed support for so-called “dreamer” immigrants who were brought to the United States as children, calling for legislation to protect them. And the group denounced legislation that would cut legal immigration, saying such policies “would undermine America’s economic competitiveness.”

The board of the roundtable includes the leaders of JPMorgan Chase, General Motors, Johnson & Johnson, Walmart, Boeing and IBM. The statement was released ahead of a meeting between President Donald Trump and members of Congress on immigration. Trump staunchly defended his policies in a luncheon address Tuesday before another business group, the National Federation of Independent Businesses, which represents small business.

The roundtable’s statement adds to the growing chorus of critics of President Donald Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy, a group that includes lawmakers in both parties, international rights groups, Christian evangelicals and former US first ladies. The roundtable has had a mixed view of the Trump administration overall, praising the Republican president for tax cuts and regulatory reform, but sharply criticizing tariff announcements and other threats to free trade.






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