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Imran Khan

US should not be allowed to carry drone strikes anymore: Imran Khan

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ISLAMABAD: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said on Monday that he would not have allowed United States drone strikes in Pakistan.

Addressing a press conference here, Khan said US should not be allowed to carry out drone strikes in Pakistani territory.

“It is very imperative to stop US drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas. Peace could be established with negotiations not war,” he said adding that US did not let peace establish in our tribal areas.

Referring to Afghan refugees in Pakistan, Khan said that Afghan refugees should not be treated badly.

“Afghan refugees came here under compulsion. Peace in Afghanistan is in interest of Pakistan,” he said.

PTI Chairman said that corrupt leaders are busy in making money and destroying the image of the country. He said that corruption is eroding the very basis of the country like cancer.

“Corrupt elements are looting the national treasure and transferring the money to their foreign accounts,” Khan said adding that these elements are destroying national institutions.

PTI Chairman claimed that because of the massive corruption, mega corporations such as Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), Pakistan Steel, and Pakistan Railways are in deteriorating condition.

Khan further said that the Nawaz-led government is investing in lengthy and time-taking projects where they can earn more commission.

Earlier, Imran Khan asked National Accountability Bureau (NAB) to launch an investigation against the wealth of corrupt leaders including Sharif family.

“Not only PTI, but the whole nation demands NAB to launch an immediate probe against all those corrupt leaders and the Sharif family who are looting the national treasure,” he said.

“If the NAB cannot do so, the government should shut it down,” Khan added.

Imran Khan warned the ‘Corrupt’ leaders and said that he would not spare anyone if he got the chance to rule Pakistan.