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(VIDEO AND TEXT) Aurélie Salvaire’s book ‘Balance the World’ launched at AFK




KARACHI: Conference Room of Alliance Française (French Cultural Centre) de Karachi was the venue where Barcelona-based French social entrepreneur and author Amélie Salvaire introduced her book Balance the World: Tactics to Help you Launch a Gender Revolution!

This book is a feminist guide for millenials gathering international projects aiming at balancing the world. Its digital version can be downloaded for free. Those interested can also buy the print version of the book on the website:

While launching her book Balance the World (published by Amazon) here at Alliance Française (French Cultural Centre) de Karachi she talked exclusively to (official partner BBCNEWS):

Q: Why Social Entrepreneurship?

A: I grew-up in a small village in the South of France. And I think I have been following a very traditional path like going to business school etc.

I moved to Spain because I wanted to have more quality life, somehow. And little by little I moved towards social entrepreneurship and realized that I wanted to be one of the persons changing the world. So it has been a progressive journey.

I wanted to work on the topic of gender equality because it is definitely touching me as a woman.   

My father, my grandfather and grandmothers were extraordinarily caring. But they were also showing some imbalance in the way they would treat other women, in society.

Me! I was the good girl, somehow. You know, I was the granddaughter… studying well etc. But the other women were not so privileged.

Q: In Pakistan powerful women (too) exploit the weak!

A: Power system is protecting the powerful. And that’s how the power system works.

Q: Why heart and roses on the cover (of the book ‘Balance the World…)?

A: It is heart and roses because the message is caring from the heart. It is not a message of war. It is a message of love. And it is also a tribute to the famous Mexican painter Frida Kahlo!

Q: Ideal situation and tactics suggested!

A: Ideal situation is quite simple: it is that half of our institutions are run by women and half and half of our homes are run by men. It is as simple as that. It is balance!

All the tactics are non-violent tactics: it can be humor, it can be infiltrate, it can be quotas, it can be boycott… There are many tactics that is listed in the book to actually contribute to a more balanced world.

Q: Organisation run by you?

A: My work is my own organization. Shift Balance is my own NGO registered in Spain. And we organize different workshops, training and talks in Pakistan as well as in other countries.

Q: Why Pakistan?

A: Because, I was invited here one year and half year ago. Because, in terms of gender equality Pakistan is second last in the world. But more than this, when I talk to the young generation they are very eager to hear this message. They want to know more about it. And I feel like the new generation wants more balance between men and women

Q: Is your message different for Pakistanis?

A: Not really! I Because I do the same in Spain, in France…after Pakistan I am going to Australia, I will do the same. So I don’t have any savior face when I come here. It is like I teach the young generation everywhere and I use what I learn here to teach people in the West and vice versa. T tell people here that the West is not perfect definitely. And to tell people there that there are actually a lot of people here changing the things.

Q: You mentioned China in your talk!

A: Because we were talking about how the people who come to any country change the stories and the myths and the power system. So, you know that China will play a really big role in the coming years in Pakistan. I think that will probably have an influence on gender (equality).

Q: Do you know that there is no Pakistani woman working for CPEC projects?

A: I am not very surprised to hear that. I am not saying that it is going to change for the better. I never imply that.

Q: West is responsible for backwardness of women?

A: The West has its responsibility in many countries in taking the situation of the women backwards definitely. But as much I can’t blame you for the politics of Pakistan, it is hard to blame me for the politics of the West!

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81st death anniversary of Allama Iqbal observed today



ISLAMABAD: The death anniversary of Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal was observed on Sunday across the country to acknowledge his services for getting a separate homeland for the Muslims of the subcontinent.

Various functions were arranged to mark the day, special programmes were aired on the state-run and private radios and TV channels, highlighting various aspects of Muhammad Iqbal.

The day was dawned with special prayers for solidarity and prosperity of the country and the Muslims. The nation paid special tribute for his vision of a separate homeland for Muslims of the sub-continent.

Born on November 9, 1877 in Sialkot, Dr Muhammad Iqbal was a great representative of the subcontinent and one of the main exponents of the Pakistan Movement.

Called the Sufi poet of the modern age he was a man of great ideas – dynamic, romantic, provocative and profound.

Dr Iqbal was both great poet, serious thinker and philosopher, who infused a revolutionary spirit in the Muslim youth of the subcontinent at the time through his poetry.

Muhammad Iqbal’s poetry has been translated in Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, English including several other languages. The poet-philosopher died on April 21, 1938.




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Works of 100 writers to be published in the year 2114



SEOUL: International award-winning South Korean author Han Kang has been named the fifth author in a Norwegian government-sponsored project to collect the works of 100 renowned writers, one author a year, and publish them in 2114.
Han, a 2016 Man Booker International Prize winner for her novel The Vegetarian, is also the first Asian writer to be selected as a contributor to the Future Library project, which aims to connect current and future generations through writing.
The project was launched in 2014 by a Scottish artist with the concept of conveying the meaning of hope and trust by connecting time and life. The previously selected writers are Margaret Atwood of Canada, David Mitchell of Britain, Sjon of Iceland and Elif Shafak of Turkey.
A thousand trees have been planted in a forest near Oslo to supply paper for the special anthology of books, which will be printed in a century’s time, according to the Future Library. Han will donate her unpublished text in a handover ceremony due to be held in Oslo on May 25. Her manuscript will be disclosed in 2114.


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Dr. Jameel Jalibi is no more



KARACHI: Literary giant Dr. Jameel Jalibi passed away here today at the age of 90. President Arts Council Ahmed Shah took to the Facebook to share the sad news. 

He was born Mohammad Jameel Khan into a Yousufzai family on 12th June 1929, in Aligarh, UP, India. Young Mohammad Jameel got his early education at Aligarh and moved to Meerut College in 1945 for his graduation.

Following partition, Jalibi migrated to Pakistan where he did his MA in English from Sindh University in 1949. Next year he acquired LLB. He got his Ph.D. in 1971 and D.Litt two years later.

Dr. Jameel Jalibi, who was also a CSS officer,  had served as VC of Karachi University for four years, headed National Language Authority and Urdu Dictionary Board as president.  


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