You are currently viewing (VIDEO AND TEXT) French Ensemble Esharêh mesmerizes Karachiites

(VIDEO AND TEXT) French Ensemble Esharêh mesmerizes Karachiites

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KARACHI: French ensemble called Esharêh (illusion) consisting of percussionist/art director Julien Lahaye, Jazz Clarinetist Matteo Pastorino, classical guitarist & vocalist Simon Dégremont mesmerized Karachiites at Alliance Française during an hour-long performance.Talking to (official partners BBCNEWS) members of the trio expressed their excitement over visiting culturally-rich Pakistan for the first time.  

They said that a concert here was an incredible experience for Europeans and particularly because three of them featured music from diverse horizons.

Percussionist/art director Julien Lahaye

Jazz Clarinetist Matteo Pastorino

Classical guitarist & vocalist Simon Dégremont


Julien Lahaye, who plays Irani drums, said that Persian music harbored some elements of Indo-Pak Subcontinent.

Further elaborating the origins of his instruments, Julien told that in the ancient Iran members of army were trained in zor-khana under the guidance of a murshid. The drums used in ancient zor-khana survived till this day. 

Matteo who is from Sardinia (Italy) plays jazz while Simon chants classical (Celtic) songs.

Believing on the identicalness of verses’ lingo the trio attempts to set off a dialogue between different cultures by means of poetry.

During the hour-long performance Esharêh also presented original compositions.