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What are main reasons of increasing child abuse cases in Kasur?

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LAHORE: Large number of mini cinemas, drug houses, and prostitution dens are the main reasons of increasing child abuse cases in Kasur, revealed a report by an organisation working on the fact finding for the recent sexual assault incident in the district.

Recently, three minor boys were found dead in Chunian locality of Kasur district. According to police, the kids were kidnapped from different locations and they were sexually abused before being killed.

Soon after the bodies were found, Punjab police came in action and launched investigation. Prime Minister Imran Khan and Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar also took notice of the incident and ordered IG Punjab to provide report.

Meanwhile, DPO Kasur was replaced over negligence. Also, Kasur SP investigation had surrendered, was charge-sheeted and is being proceeded against.

According to the report, the mini cinema houses are running under the supervision of influential people of the district who also bribe the police in order to keep their business running. These mini cinema houses play adult movies and there is no restriction of age to enter the cinema house. A big number of adult, teen, and minors visit these mini cinemas on daily basis.

The report revealed that due to this, cases of rape and sexual assault are increasing day by day. Police or any other institution are not taking any kind of action against those involved in the illegal business in Kasur.

Another reason of the recent cases emerged in Kasur is the growing prostitution dens. The report says that there are many places adjacent to mega markets and near bus terminals which are being used for prostitution.

“These places are running in the supervision of local police. No action so far has been taken to raid these kind of places and close them down. This is the big reason that forces people to get involved in the illegal and illicit business,” the report said.

The report has revealed that the district witnesses a big number of snooker clubs, tea stalls and some houses that feature adult movies. Also, there are some houses that are being used as drug dens and men as well as women are involved in selling drugs from inside the houses.

The report says that only 5 percent of the cases regarding child abuse get reported and no one takes action against those responsible.

“In case if someone gets arrested, they bribe the police to set them free. This is why the incidents of child abuse, sexual assaults and murders are increasing in the district,” it said.

It should be known that no child protection bureaus or non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are working against this menace in Kasur. After 6-year old Zainab was found raped and murdered last year, the government had ordered the authorities to tighten the noose around the groups involved in these kinds of incidents. However, it’s been a year and these cases are still emerging. Police and institutions have failed to find any trace of such groups and take any action against them.

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