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Will ambitious plan to uphold calm at PU hostels work?

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LAHORE: After the Tuesday’s violent clash between two student groups, Punjab University (PU) administration has decided to install biometric machines in all its 27 hostels.

The part two of the PU ambitious plan is to restrict entry after 10PM.

Part three of the plan has been decided earlier: only the administration would organize curricular and extra-curricular events in the future.

Part four of the plan is that students will have to get approval from the committee that would be formed for this purpose.

And part five of the reve is that any guest invited to an ‘illegal’ event will not be allowed to enter the campus.

Cynics go haywire to look at such an ambitious plan knowing that the students organizations are nothing but the military wings of leading political parties. How could they survive without having this sort of armed youth power at their disposal?


Pashtun Culture Day: Two student groups clash at Punjab University, 7 injured

LAHORE: At least seven students were reportedly injured as clashes broke out between two groups of students at Punjab University on Tuesday.

According to reports, the Pashtun Students Federation (PSF) at Punjab University were celebrating Pashtun Culture Day programme when students of Islami Jamiat Talba (IJT) tried to set their camp on fire. The setting ablaze of the camp ensued violence between the two parties.

Five PSF students and two members of IJT were injured in the clash, police said.