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World Alzheimer’s Day: ‘Food for thought!’

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KARACHI: A fit brain requires varied diet along with physical activities. In this regard, health and wellness experts here have suggested eating of food rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It diminishes the peril of having Alzheimer’s ailment and ensuring lasting brain health.

On the observation of world Alzheimer’s day, NewsPakistan.TV  is sharing a list of some foods that people should consume in order to keep their brain healthy and active:

SALMON: Experts recommend ingesting salmons as they are stuffed by means of omega-3, minerals and vitamins that are fundamental and required for appropriate performance of the brain.


FLAX SEED: These seeds consist of the high amount of omega-3 as compared to any other vegetarian stuff. Besides, such seeds could also treat frame of mind chaos and thwart untimely aging of brain.


WALNUTS: Walnuts and their oils are considered good for intelligence as they are packed with omega-3. In-taking a handful of walnuts on a daily basis chips in towards averting age-related cognitive decline.


SARDINES: They are good source of nutrition that keeps brain healthy booming cognitive functioning. Daily consumption of sardines perks-up reminiscence and protects in opposition to mood disarray and depression.


SPINACH: Spinach stuffed with foliate assists in advancing psychological aptitudes. It has further been learnt that eating only one helping of this vegetable a day can push down the peril of having dementia.


OREGANO: It is also known as spice of life as it facilitates in improving body’s natural good mood. The composites found in oregano eliminate blood-brain obstruction for better brain performance.


TERRAGON: Tarragon herbs consist of precious phyto-nutrients that shield the brain from Alzheimer’s hazard. On the contrary, it is an exceptional hunger stimulant that heals innumerable eating disorders.