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Zubair on IK’s Foreign Funding Case

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ISLAMABAD: PML-N’s Muhammad Zubair noted on Saturday (30th of July, 2022) that former PM Imran Khan was not ready to present himself for accountability. 

Addressing a press conference, Zubair said Imran Khan will have to answer queries on his foreign funding case.

Muhammad Zubair said the story of The Financial Times was a small part of foreign funding. Imran would be repeatedly inquired about foreign funding.

The foreign funding case has been pending in the Election Commission for 8 years – so that Imran Khan and PTI can answer it.

This was a simple case, money has come from outside and according to the national law, it was necessary to share the sources of the received amount.

Zubair said that the foreign funding case was not filed by Imran’s political opponents but it was actually filed by Akbar S Babar, who was the founding member of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Akbar S. Babar has been filed this case in 2014 and submitted evidence which clearly showed how much money had come into which accounts and from which sources.

And how many of the accounts have been declared and which have not been declared.

According to the law, all sources of money and the accounts to which they were transferred must be declared.

Muhammad Zubair said Imran Khan claims to be the most truthful and honest among the politicians, point fingers on every politician.

“His opponents have not disclosed sources of wealth or did not produce receipts of their payments”, Zubair alleged.

Zubair said [he only] wanted to ask Imran to settle his accounts, but Imran used delaying tactics and managed to drag the simple case for eight long years.

“Imran used to ran to High Court, Supreme Court and sometime urged ECP to stop the proceedings of foreign funding case,” Muhammad Zubair said.

The United Kingdom based Newspaper The Financial Times has reported only small portion of foreign funding received by the PTI.

The details of money received by Imran, which come out of surface from time to time, was hidden by the PTI chief.

Muhammad Zubair said The Financial Times has reported how the illegal money collected for the charity was transferred to PTI accounts and the received money was not declared.

Zubair said a case was filed against British Daily Mail on publishing a story against Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif.

The British courts investigated the allegations of money laundering not only from the UK but also from the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan and gave a clean chit that no money laundering had taken place.

Time was ripe for Imran Khan and the entire PTI, to file a similar claim against the Financial Times to prove themselves as the clean and most honest among others as being claimed by them.

“If the newspaper apologized, then it is fine and if the story proved wrong, then file a case against the newspaper,” he said.

Muhammad Zubair said that Imran Khan was frequently lecturing about two laws for the poor and resourceful.

Mian Nawaz Sharif has always faced the cases in courts and never talked about not sharing the account details.

Absolutely false cases were instituted against Nawaz Sharif, even today Maryam Nawaz appears in the courts every day, Maryam Nawaz and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif have been jailed twice.

Even after becoming the Prime Minister, (Shehbaz) appears in the courts, Imran Khan rightly said that there were two laws in Pakistan.

One law was for 220 million people and one for the privileged Imran Khan who was also called Ladla (pampered) in common language.

“I want to ask why prohibited funding case was not being decided for 8 years,” Muhammad Zubair said.

Zubair said Imran quotes examples of Hazrat Umar Farooq’s justice, but laws were brazenly flouted in foreign funding case.

Imran argued that Akbar S. Babar was not a member of Tehreek-e-Insaf when he filed the foreign funding case.

MUhammad Zubair said that Nawaz Sharif has given a full account of his assets, all the members of PMLN have answered their assets, on the contrary, Imran Khan never appeared in courts.

Zubair said that he would ask Imran Khan about foreign funding and will do it again and again, if Imran was so honest and trustworthy, then he should answer about the sources of his assets.

Muhammad Zubair said that PMLN leadership has faced NAB cases and remain in jails.

Zubair demanded the Election Commission to announce the decision on foreign funding soon and added that the Election Commission was an independent body, not under the control of the government, Chief Election Commissioner (CEC) was appointed by Imran Khan.

Imran also used to praise the CEC and now the same CEC was being threatened by Imran.

Mohammad Zubair said that during Imran Khan’s tenure, big scandals like sugar and wheat came to light. Billions of rupees of the people of Pakistan were stolen in sugar, wheat and LNG scams.

Zubair said that there was a method of fund raising, charity money cannot be used for political purposes, besides the received money must be accounted for and cleared.

Muhammad Zubair said that the coalition government had prayed the Supreme Court of Pakistan to constitute a full court to hear the petition challenging Punjab Chief Minister’s elections held on the 22nd of this month.

The full court bench was significant to avoid any objection on the verdict. | YouTube Channel

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