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Imitating yoga postures shown on Media could be perilous!

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LOS ANGELES: These days, depression, stress and anxiety are getting widespread among kids and teens. Experts go haywire wondering how to control this public health concern.

Considering that a study opined that having yoga and mindfulness activities in school curriculum could help kids tackle the stress while boosting their well-being and emotional health. In order to prove this, savants from the Tulane University in the US chose third grade students from a public school.They then divided them into two groups. A group comprising on 32 students received usual counseling sessions and other activities in school.

Whereas, the other group harboring 20 students took up yoga and mindfulness activities (such as breathing and relaxing exercises along with various  traditional yoga poses meant for children) for up to eight weeks. While revealing the results, study investigator Alessandra Bazzano noted that those kids, who did yoga/mindfulness commotions, have been reported with better mental and emotional quality than those who did not.

Pundits further reiterate that younger children are more prone to mount stress and anxiety. Therefore, parents should stay alert if they notice any subtle change in the mood or the behavior of their kids. Journal Psychology Research and Behavior Management has run the ramifications. It is pertinent to mention here that schools in Pakistan do not even have the facility of clean drinking water and washrooms.

Besides, there is no such thing like yoga and mindfulness activities in the curriculum here. Thus, parents should get their kids involved in healthy physical and mental activities as to keep them off from having stress etc.

Imitating the postures shown on Media could be perilous: It has been proved that by practicing yoga people could keep themselves off numerous health concerns such as anxiety, trauma, depression, persistent ache together with sleep troubles. Nevertheless, doing it the wrong way could pose severe threats to human fitness. Health and wellness experts here have warned people against trying yoga poses illustrated in print and electronic media as it could be detrimental for their health.

According to the reports, snaps of yoga in different media outlets demonstrate poses that could be perilous and are not physically possible for some individuals. In this framework, the study investigator from the Pacific University School of Professional Psychology in Hillsboro, Oregon, Nadezhda Vladagina held: “It kind of scares people off from starting a practice. They might feel that they’re not flexible enough and yoga isn’t something their body is capable of doing.”

Vladagina went on informing: “Meanwhile, already existing practitioners of yoga see these images of what yoga’s supposed to look like, and they force themselves into these postures, essentially often causing injury”.

Scores of yoga injuries ensue when people shove themselves away from their potential or abilities. For instance,  via overstretching, laying their joints under surplus pressure etc by means of duplicating the pictures of such poses. So as to determine this, Vladagina and her associates here have tried out over 1,500 images of yoga positions issued in a well-liked yoga publication.

As per their findings, approx 45 percent figures demonstrated detrimental postures, 50 percent showed people doing moderate or complex poses, some 22 percent were awfully tricky to perform, whereas, around 20 percent poses illustrated the images in such a way that could lead beginners to harm themselves.

Vladagina rounded up by maintaining: “The more people are looking through these magazines, the more often they see these poses that there’s no realistic way they’re going to get into them, and if they do there’s a high chance of causing injury to them.”

P.S. has mentioned in a few pieces published earlier that yoga could be beneficial for many. However, seek professional guidance before practicing this so as to ward off harmful injuries! | YouTube Channel

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