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NA on US House of Reps’ resolution

ISLAMABAD (NPTV/ RADIO PAKISTAN): NA has passed a resolution on Friday (28th of June, 2024) regretting the US House of Representatives’ resolution.

It was asserted that ‘Pakistan as an independent and sovereign country’ would not accept any interference in its internal affairs.

The resolution, moved by Shaista Pervaiz Malik, further said the US resolution clearly reflects an incomplete and wrong understanding of political and electoral process of Pakistan.

It said the US resolution does not acknowledge the free and enthusiastic exercise of the right to vote by millions of Pakistanis in the recently held General Election.

The National Assembly reiterated Pakistan’s efforts to safeguard and uphold the principles of democracy and norms as enshrined in the Constitution in letter and spirit and in line with the aspirations of the people and vision of the founding fathers of Pakistan.

The resolution also drew attention of the US Congress to more important issues such as the ongoing acts of genocide in Gaza, gross human rights violations in the Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir, and state sanctions atrocities against minorities, especially Muslims in India.

The House called upon the US and the world community to take immediate steps to alleviate the sufferings of the innocent people of Gaza and IIOJK.

It expressed the hope that in future the US Congress will play a more constructive role in strengthening Pakistan-US bilateral relations by focusing on avenues of collaboration for mutual benefit of both our people and countries.

The resolution called upon the government of Pakistan to strengthen bilateral cooperation with the United States by enhancing channels of communications to allay such misperceptions and work towards harmonious relationships for the progress and prosperity of the people of both countries. Pakistan